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We provide custom made furniture designs and interior décor services for houses, office spaces and shops. Our services are based on the demand that exists in the market to help close the gaps in bringing beautiful designs, manufacturing and installations
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Our Services

We help you with interior designs of your space by coming up with concepts that best match your personality and environment. Our interior and décor solutions are from building cupboards, kitchen units, sofas and dining room suits manufacturing.


All project are well planned from taking the dimensions of your space, design, implementation of the plan to installation. Colors play an important role in any project, be it graphic patterns or paint whether matt or gloss finish. We include you in every step of the way


It is no surprise that every business should have a brand identity, we help your business align its marketing efforts in a way that makes it visible to its target audience. This is done through branding and offers that drive sales. Offers can be in your shop or outside your business.


Let us manage your project, be it wood working, steel, aluminum and general house remodeling. We manage your project from the seed phase of planning, costing and installations. The scope of work differs from one client to the other. Contact us for more information.

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House Interior Design

We use state of the art softwares to help us come up with the best designs and color simulation options to give you the feel and look of your space when it is complete.

office space design
office Design

We supply office furniture provided that you have the specifications otherwise we will make recommendations for you. When we design your office, we also suggest canvas paintings that best match your office energy and function.


We design ,print and install wallpaper custom made wall paper for offices, homes and other commercial establishments. This is a unique way of standing out from the crowd.

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Shop Fitting

Our retail solutions are focused at organizing shop stock in a fashion that makes shopping experience enjoyable and comfortable for your customers.

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